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Refresh Your Appearance with PDO Thread Lift Treatments

Regain a more youthful, contoured appearance with the innovative, anti-aging benefits of PDO thread lifts from Slimming Solutions Med Spa. As we age, the breakdown of collagen and elastin paired with gravitational forces leads to sagging skin, especially on the face. We offer advanced PDO (polydioxanone) thread techniques to provide natural-looking skin tightening and tissue lifts from within.

PDO thread lifts involve strategically implanting smooth biodegradable sutures under the skin to provide gentle support while also stimulating new collagen. The entire procedure is nonsurgical, virtually painless and requires no extended downtime. As your body incorporates the temporary threads, you’ll notice gradually improving lift and tone for smoother skin texture.

Our PDO Thread Techniques Are Administered by Licensed Expert Nurses 

At our med spa, all PDO thread lift procedures are performed under the expertise of our Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon’s highly skilled injectors. Our nurse specialists have extensive training with PDO sutures to provide tailored whole face or spot area thread placement catered to your unique needs. 

We use only the highest quality branded PDO thread materials approved by the FDA. Our preferred NovaThreads incorporate tiny cones along their length to better grip loose skin for enhanced lifting capacities once implanted. Care is taken to ensure precise positioning in patterns customized to your facial anatomy.

During your treatment, ultrafine needles preloaded with the threads are inserted just under the skin’s surface to embed the flexible supports across target zones. Using precise angles and vectors, the threads grasp and lift sagging tissues while also triggering your body’s wound healing benefits.

As your skin naturally responds to the threads over the next few months, collagen regeneration is stimulated while elastin gains strength. These rejuvenating effects continue improving tone and contour for up to two years or longer in some patients.

PDO Thread Techniques

See Real Patient PDO Thread Lift Before and After Photos

While results from PDO thread lifts appear gradually, with optimal thread placement the improvements can be dramatic yet very natural-looking. The sutures encourage new foundation and support from within for results that look soft and refreshed. Lines are smoothed, contours are lifted, and skin takes on a more plump, youthful texture again.

Take a look at real before and after photos from patients in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. Reclaiming refreshed, smooth skin is possible at any age thanks to PDO thread lift treatments from our med spa! 

Minimally Invasive. Major PDO Thread Lift Benefits!

The best part about a PDO thread lift is how non-intrusive the treatment is, yet the visible improvements end up looking so youth-restoring. Benefits our patients experience include:

  • Soft, natural-looking skin tightening
  • Lifting of loose, sagging skin 
  • Smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles
  • More definition along the jawline and cheeks
  • A refreshed, wide awake appearance
  • Restored radiance and glow

The threading procedure itself takes less than an hour with no general anesthesia required. Some minor swelling or pinpoint bleeding may occur but dissipates within a few days. Patients can resume regular activities immediately with little to no downtime.

As the regenerative effects of PDO threading evolve over the next 12 months, facial features take on new lifted contours. Youthful volume is regained beneath the skin’s surface as tightened tissue emerges. Sagging dissipates and textures look firmer year after year.

Our PDO Thread Lift Specialists Customize Every Facial Plan

At Slimming Solutions Med Spa, no two patients receive the identical PDO threading treatment plan. We take pride in tailoring each procedure around your unique facial anatomy, skin type, areas of concern and lifestyle considerations. 

After 3D facial imaging and mapping analysis, we develop a precise strategy for thread vectors and patterns that lift and smooth your distinct contours beautifully.

Precision 3D Facial Mapping For Optimal PDO Thread Placement

The key to maximizing results from PDO threading lies in strategic thread positioning. Our specialist nurses undergo advanced training to recognize the complex facial planes and anatomy involved. 

We start every procedure with Vectra 3D imaging, visually mapping out each patient’s facial topography. After analyzing and diagnosing areas of concern, we plot precision insertion points and vectors for the threads. 

Customizing angles based on your bone structure allows the threads to grasp tissues most effectively. We also consider your musculature, problem zones and dynamics for optimized renewing results over time.

Optimal PDO Thread Placement

We Use Innovative PDO Threading Techniques For Enhanced Outcomes

Our med spa invests in the latest high-quality PDO thread materials including bidirectional cogged NovaThreads. The microscopic anchor-like cogs along each flexible suture provide superior holding strength.

We strategically embed threads not only vertically but also in cross-hatched horizontal mesh patterns. This dynamic tension smoothes and tightens across broader zones. Advanced interlacing techniques encourage collagen stimulation in the spaces between threads too.  

For longer-lasting volumizing effects beneath sagging cheekbones and temples, we also offer PDO thread grouping and fanning methods. The multiplied threads work synergistically to better cushion and fill these prominent facial features.  

Supportive PDO Threads Dissolve Gradually Over Time

PDO threads are temporary scaffolds designed to be integrated into surrounding tissues during their 9-12 month lifespan before safely dissolving. As the threads degrade, your own boosted collagen matrix seamlessly replaces them.

We carefully monitor the incorporation process during followup appointments. Photos and measurements ensure optimal positioning as the threads generate gradual lifting, filling and tone-enhancing benefits from within the deeper skin layers.

Frequently Asked Questions About PDO Thread Lift Procedures

Interested in learning more about PDO thread rejuvenation? Here we answer some commonly asked questions:

How long do thread lift results last?

While threads themselves dissolve after about one year, the benefits continue improving tone and lifting sagging tissues for up to 2-3 years in many patients before a touch up is needed.

How is PDO threading different than a surgical facelift? 

Unlike deep tissue excisions with extensive recovery, threads lift from within the skin gently for zero downtime. The results evolve naturally without the sudden tight feeling.

What areas does PDO thread lifting improve?

Threads smooth fine lines of the lower face, lifts sagging brows, cheeks, jowls and neck. We can contour specific areas of concern but also comprehensively restore whole facial harmony. 

When will I see PDO thread lift results?

Gradual enhancements become noticeable at around 3-4 months as the skin fully incorporates the collagen-stimulating threads. Improvements continue over one year+ timeframe.

How do you ensure precise PDO thread positioning?

Using detailed 3D facial analysis and mapping, we create customized insertion patterns and vectors to achieve optimal lifting and volumization tailored to your anatomy.

Restore Your Most Youthful-Looking Skin

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