Level Up Your Look Eyelash Lifts in Lee's Summit & Kansas City, MO

Attain Stunning, Full Lashes With Expert Eyelash Lifts

Get ready to flutter those gorgeous lashes! Our expert lash lift services at Slimming Solutions Med Spa create striking, eye-opening effects for your natural lashes using safe, gentle perms. If you dream of batting lengthy, curly lashes without mascara or irritating extensions, our professional enhancements are for you.

Unlike Eyelash Lifts extensions that use glues to adhere synthetic lashes, our lash lift technique perms your natural hairs for lavish, lifted results. The custom-blended solutions gently reshape each delicate lash, encouraging new curls that last 6-8 weeks.  

Our Tailored Lash Lift Process Leaves Clients Raving

Our lash artists are highly trained and certified in the latest lift techniques to maximize every client’s gorgeous gaze. We start with a personalized consultation, evaluating your lashes’ texture, growth patterns and desired results.  

Next, silicone pads are precisely shaped to your eye contours before the perming process begins. Your hairs will be sectioned and isolated as the solutions are applied and timed perfectly. The active ingredients reshape bonds gently so lashes gain beautiful new curls.

After rinsing, deep conditioning treatments pack your lashes with strengthening and nourishment. As you relax with our soothing botanical extracts, each lash gains shine, flexibility and fortified resilience.

When you emerge from our treatment chair, be prepared for incredible before-and-after effects. Your eye shape will appear lifted and larger as lush lashes fan outward and upwards. Get ready for a lifetime supply of compliments!

Long-Lasting, Low-Maintenance Eyelash Lift Results

Our lash lift services deliver eye-opening effects that last 6-8 weeks for most clients. As new hairs emerge from follicles, they too inherit the reshaped pattern so results continue impressing over time. With occasional touch-ups every 1.5-2 months, you can keep your perky curls indefinitely. 

Check out our amazing lash lift before and after photos. The striking yet natural enhancements open up eyes for new dimensions of beauty. Our clients look bright-eyed and vibrant without needing any mascara or extensions. 

By amplifying your gorgeous gaze, our professional lash lifts also refresh whole face radiance. The outward lift minimizes any signs of sagging or fatigue too.       

Save Time & Hassle with Our Lash Enhancement Services

Do you grow tired of the daily grind of layering on mascara, crimping eyelashes with clumsy curlers or fumbling with irritating falsies? Our semi-permanent Eyelash Liftst services allow you to ditch the hassle while still achieving lavish lashes.

Awake each morning with your lashes already prepped for optimal impact. A quick 30-second comb through with our conditioning brush is all you need to separate and define your permed curls before fluttering out the door.

Clients love saving 10-15 minutes every morning that would previously be wasted clamping curlers or applying clumpy mascara. Reclaim that valuable time while still primping eye-catching lashes!

Eyelash Lift

Eyelash Lift Services For Clients Of All Ages

Our professional eyelash perming services are suitable for healthy adults of all ages. The ingredients have reduced levels of harsh chemicals than consumer kits, minimizing risks of reactions even on those with sensitivities.

Both our female and male clients enjoy perkier, enhanced lashes from our expert stylist’s services. The effects create more vibrant, youthful stares that lift whole faces.

Lash lift services are also perfect before special events when you want to look your best, such as:

  • Weddings
  • Milestone birthdays 
  • Vacation trips
  • Reunions
  • Professional photography

Our Lash Lift Techniques Are Perfected to Amplify Your Gorgeous Gaze

At Slimming Solutions Med Spa, lash lifts are a specialized service our experts have honed and perfected. We combine scientific knowledge of lash biology, growth cycles and hair textures with artistic talents for shaping and curling.

Every client enjoys a fully personalized upgrade designed around your unique Eyelash Lifts landscape and beauty goals. Discover eye-opening transformations tailored just for you!

We Hand-Select Perm Solutions to Complement Your Lashes

No two clients present identical eyelash qualities or desired results. That’s why our lash experts concoct unique perming blends with different solution pH, ingredients and timing.

After a thorough consultation, we assess factors like your hair thickness, typical growth patterns and irritancy risks. Combining art and science, we hand-mix custom blends from pro-grade products used in top salons worldwide.

Every curl-boosting solution pack nutrients to nourish each follicle and strand for maximum impact that lasts. The ingredients smooth and set lifted patterns while conditioning for resilience against daily wear and tear.

We Sculpt Pads and Isolate Hairs for Seamless Perms

A vital step in lash lifting is perfectly contoured silicone pads custom-designed for your eye shape. Our specialists craft these supports to hug every arc and angle above your lids.

Next, we meticulously separate and section out lashes to receive the precision perms. No lash hair overlaps its neighbor, allowing the active ingredients to lift and set uniform curls across your entire lash line.

Our attention to detail isolates even the smallest fine hairs along the medial and lateral corners of your eyes for complete perms no lash left behind!

Nurture Lashes to Withstand the Curl

For perms to last, lashes must have resilience against daily wear and tear. Our services don’t stop after the reshaping steps. We further fortify each strand with intensive conditioning masks packed with nourishing botanicals. As you relax, peptides repair bonds within the hair while fatty acids smooth cuticles. Protectants shield against environmental aggressors including pollutants, makeup chemicals and UV radiation.

The added nourishment means your perky lifts withstand all your adventures! Even fine, fragile lashes gain strength to flaunt curls for months rather than weeks.

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