Eyebrow lamination in Lee's Summit

Achieve Feathered, Full Arches with Brow Lamination in Lee’s Summit

At Slimming Solutions Med Spa, we bring out your best features with our brow lamination services. This semi-permanent brow conditioning treatment uses natural keratin proteins to lift hairs into alignment, creating the appearance of fuller, perfectly groomed arches that stay flawlessly shaped for 6-8 weeks. 

Discover the Power of Brow Lamination

Unlike temporary brow gels that wash away overnight, brow lamination transforms shape, adding lift that holds through busy schedules and activities thanks to the strengthening power of keratin. The conditioning process leaves brows with a soft feathered texture, reminiscent of fluffy brow powder applications but without daily filling and harsh makeup ingredients. 

Our brow lamination advantages include:

Dramatically Fuller, Fluffier Appearance – Keratin treatments bulk up fine or thinning brows through light bond-building between hairs, leaving arches looking lush, uniform and gorgeous. The added body holds its pretty shape without the need for pencils or pomades.

Perfect Alignment in One Session – We carefully precision-comb hairs upward into the ideal lifted arch during the setting process. Results last 6-8 weeks through multiple hair growth cycles thanks to the semi-permanent setting lotions. No more fussing with unruly strays along the way!  

Waterproof, Smudge-Proof Longevity –Swimming, sweating through CrossFit, or crying over a sappy movie won’t undo brow lamination handiwork. Keratin bonds withstand moisture, activity, and oil production. Wake up camera-ready without needing to reapply the product.

Low Maintenance, High Impact – Aside from periodic touch-up appointments, there’s no daily brow tending required post-lamination. The built-in conditioning, tinting, and lift take brows from unruly to runway-fabulous with zero extra effort.

The Slimming Solutions Med Spa Difference

Flawless arches begin with meticulous technique. Our brow lamination experts undergo advanced certification to ensure safe, consistent results and specialized artistry. We pride ourselves on gentle handling, quality botanical solutions, and a start-to-finish pampering experience. 

Customized Shaping:

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches. After assessing facial symmetry and structure, we design an optimal shape and arch angle personalized for enhanced framing based on your unique features.  

Carefully Selected Ingredients:

Sensitive skin warrants extra care. We offer bonding solutions free of harsh chemicals, irritants and odors for comfortable processing from start to finish. Nourishing plant oils condition brows simultaneously.

Soothing Experience:

With soft lighting, calming music and warmed towels refreshingly pressed over the face, our lamination process focuses on client comfort. We want you to feel peaceful and pampered throughout the appointment.

Lasting, Natural Results:

Lamination adds the perfect amount of volume through light protein bonds versus heavy lacquers. The feathered texture builds body subtly and seamlessly blends with existing hairs once the service finishes setting. 

Ideal Candidates for Brow Lamination:

Chronic Over-Pluckers – Lamination adds fullness to overextended arches.

Aging Brows Losing Density – Bonds disguise bare patches beautifully.  

Those with Sparse Inner Corners – Creates evenly filled brows.

Messy BROW Growth Patterns –Aligns unruly hairs neatly. 

Pre-Care for Optimal Results:  

Avoid chemical processing or waxing/tweezing in the preceding days to maximize bond adherence. Skip retinol, chemical peels, and exfoliating around the eye area too. 

Post-Care to Extend Longevity:  

Gentle cleansers only around follicles morning and night while avoiding direct water for 48 hours ensure lasting lift. Apply SPF protection to prevent fading. Avoid rubbing the area aggressively over the first-week post-treatment.  

Beyond Brows: Lash Lift and Tinting Services

While brow lamination remains the star treatment for wide-eyed waking up, Slimming Solutions Med Spa also offers equally transformative eyelash parking services. Read on for more about our conditioning lash lift and tinting that complements arched framing flawlessly.

Lash Lift Add Volume, Curl and Length  

Get ready to batt those lashes alluringly without a swipe of mascara! Our specialty lash lift service uses gentle perming lotions and customized silicone shields to mold lashes into an elevated, eye-opening shape lasting 6-8 weeks.

The service creates the look of longer, darker, and more abundant fringe with each fine hair getting carefully positioned and then set using the body’s own bonding proteins. No need for daily curling and coats of difficult-to-remove inky goops. Just wake up bright-eyed and ready to take on the day thanks to persistent pretty curl!

Who Benefits From Professional Lash Lifting?

  • Those with stick-straight lashes lacking natural curl
  • Mascara devotees seeking easier beauty routines
  • Contact lens wearers prone to smudging
  • Individuals undergoing lash extensions upkeep 
  • Any lash lover wanting wide-awake optics easily

What to Expect During the Lash Lift Service

Our trained technicians carefully cleanse and prep eyelids then isolate upper and lower sections using curved silicone shields. Special perm lotion gets brushed through lashes and then allowed to set before a neutralizing step. Shields hold the conditioned lashes in an elevated position as bonds take hold. The service concludes by grooming and separating lashes neatly using a delicate comb. Voila – lovely lift taking years off tired eyes!

Pro-Care Extends Allure:

Avoid water, steam, and oil-based products around the eyes for 24-48 hours post-lift to secure bonds and setting. Apply lash conditioner nightly to reinforce strength, flexibility and growth cycles. Touch up appointments every 2 months refreshes curl perfectly.  

Pair Lifts with Lasting Lash Tinting 

Our optional lash and brow tinting services dispense customized, plant-based dyes that get brushed along the hair follicle to infuse color evenly from root to tip. Results intensify fringe color for 4-6 weeks, doing away with daily mascara/pencils. Ask for tinting add-ons during lash lift appointments for a wide-awake wow factor!

At Slimming Solutions Med Spa, we believe looking good and feeling confident starts with self-care and expert enhancements that celebrate natural beauty. Located conveniently off 291 Hwy in Lee’s Summit near Ralph Powell Road, our spa specializes in brow styling services like precision threading, customized lamination for long-lasting lift, and lash perming paired with conditioning tints for wide-awake optics. Ready to reveal your best features? Contact our professionals at (816) 524-3438 or info@slimmingsolutionsspa.com to book appointments for brow and lash makeovers tailored just for you.


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Eyebrow lamination in Lee's Summit