Glowing Skin with Aqua facial treatment in Lee's Summit & Kansas City, MO

Aqua Facial in Lee’s Summit: Deep Cleanse and Revitalize Dull Skin

Searching for the secret to achieving a healthy, glowing complexion? Look no further than the innovative Aqua Facial™ treatment at Slimming Solutions Med Spa in Lee’s Summit. This multi-step, non-invasive facial provides a deep pore cleansing while delivering powerful antioxidants through a specialized serum application. It’s a revolutionary way to refresh and revitalize dull, congested skin in just one treatment!

At Slimming Solutions, we’re proud to be the premier provider of Aqua Facial treatments in Lee’s Summit. Our extensively trained aestheticians use the latest technologies and techniques to uncover your most beautiful, radiant skin yet. Keep reading to discover what makes the Aqua Facial so unique and effective.

What Exactly is an Aqua Facial?

An Aqua Facial is a customizable, multi-step treatment that combines deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and antioxidant infusion for an instantly brighter, smoother complexion.

This rejuvenating facial utilizes water’s revitalizing properties to gently open pores and remove deep-set debris, oil, and impurities. It goes beyond a basic cleanse to truly detoxify and purify the skin at a cellular level.

But the Aqua Facial doesn’t just clean out existing blemishes, blackheads and congestion. It also works to prevent future breakouts by killing acne-causing bacteria. Plus, it naturally oxygenates and nourishes skin with a nutrient-rich serum application to boost hydration, elasticity and radiance.

So in just one 60-minute treatment, the Aqua Facial provides both an immediate refreshed glow and long-lasting skin health benefits. No wonder it’s earned a reputation as the next generation of facials!

Aqua Facial Treatment

The Benefits of an Aqua Facial

Unlike other typical facials that rely on scrubs or steam to open pores, the Aqua facial harnesses the purifying properties of water and customized formulas for advanced skin detoxification and rejuvenation. Its unique benefits include:  

  • Ultra Deep Pore Cleansing: Suction extracts blackheads, blemishes and impurities to clarify congested pores
  • Exfoliation: A specialized Aqua solution oxygenates and resurfaces skin by lifting away dead cells 
  • Natural Firming and Brightening: Infused with glycolic and lactic acids to tighten, tone and illuminate
  • Hydration & Nourishment: A powerful nutrient-rich serum penetrates into skin for maximum hydration
  • Improved Texture & Tone: Leaves skin remarkably smoother with less visible pores, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Safe, Painless & Non-Invasive: No downtime required after this gentle yet highly effective treatment

No matter your age, ethnicity or skin type, the Aqua Facial provides deep purification and rejuvenation to uncover your most radiant complexion. Say goodbye to dullness, dehydration, congestion and uneven texture. A single treatment will leave your skin glowing, refreshed and silky smooth!

How the Aqua Facial Treatment Works Step-by-Step

Step 1: We begin by meticulously cleansing and analyzing your skin to customize the treatment formulas.

Step 2: Next, an ultra-hydrating solution is applied, causing pores to gently soften and open.

Step 3: We use a specialized vacuum-based handpiece to painlessly suction out blackheads, acne and other impurities deep within pores.  

Step 4: A special Aqua formula comprised of glycolic and lactic acids is applied, exfoliating away dead skin cells for deep resurfacing.

Step 5: An antioxidant-rich serum packed with vitamins, plant-derived stem cells and hyaluronic acid is then infused into freshly cleansed pores.

Step 6: Finally, a protective, hydrating cream is massaged into skin to seal in all nutrients and moisture.

60 minutes and 6 easy steps is all it takes for the Aqua Facial to refresh and revive your complexion for a healthy, luminous glow that lasts! Many first-time clients see an immediate radiance after just one session.

For optimal results, we recommend following up your Aqua Facial with a series of 3-6 treatments spaced 2-4 weeks apart, paired with our medical-grade take-home regimens.

Aqua Facial at Slimming Solutions

The Aqua Facial at Slimming Solutions: Why We’re #1 in Lee’s Summit  

At Slimming Solutions Med Spa, our skilled team specializes in providing the latest innovative aesthetic treatments using advanced technologies and proven techniques. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results in a clean, modern environment focused on client education, comfort and safety.

When it comes to Aqua Facial treatments, our extensively trained aestheticians customize every step of the process for your individual skin type and needs. This tailored approach, along with our commitment to premium products and equipment, is why we’re the #1 provider of Aqua Facials in the Lee’s Summit area.

Our facility also offers a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere perfect for facial treatments. Enjoy soothing music, comfortable treatment beds, private rooms and more for the ultimate refreshing experience.

After just one visit, you’ll understand why so many men and women trust Slimming Solutions as their go-to destination for skincare excellence in Lee’s Summit. We deliver comprehensive solutions and unparalleled results to reveal your most radiant, healthy skin possible.  

It’s time to experience the pure radiance of an Aqua Facial for yourself! Contact Slimming Solutions Med Spa today at (816) 524-3438 or to schedule your customized Aqua Facial treatment. Let our experienced team uncover the clear, luminous complexion you’ve been searching for.

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