Elevate Your Beauty with Eyelash Tint Treatments

Elevate Your Beauty with Eyelash Tinting Treatments

Lengthy, darkened lashes that wow – achieve the lush, eye-opening effects with our professional eyelash tinting services. Our expert estheticians use a customized, semi-permanent tint designed to enhance your natural lashes for a high-impact look that lasts.

At Slimming Solutions Med Spa, we understand the transformative power of bold, beautiful lashes. That’s why we offer lash tints in a variety of natural-looking shades to complement your coloring. From soft brown to crisp black, our lash tints will frame your eyes for maximum impact.

Our Custom Lash Tinting Process Brings Out Your Best Features  

Our lash tinting process is tailored just for your unique beauty goals. We start with a patch test 24-48 hours prior to ensure you don’t have any sensitivities or reactions. At your service, your esthetician will determine the perfect shade from our palette of lash tints to naturally enhance your eye color and skin tone.

Once the customized tone is selected, we carefully apply the semi-permanent dye to your upper and/or lower lashes. We use precision tools to ensure every lash hair is evenly saturated from base to tip for vibrant, lasting color. After the ideal development time, we remove any excess tint and neutralize. We finish by using lash combs and brushes to separate and define your newly tinted standout lashes.  

See Striking Transformations in Our Eyelash Tinting Before & Afters  

Our eyelash tinting delivers stunning enhancements that bring out the beauty of your eyes. The color treatment adds richness, depth and definition for serious lash impact. You’ll leave our spa with an eye-catching frame around your gorgeous gaze. 

The semi-permanent lash tints accentuate your natural hairs beautifully thanks to custom shades and meticulous application techniques. Refresh touch-ups every 4-6 weeks to maintain your fabulous tinted lashes.

Check out our lash tint before and after photos and see the powerful difference professional enhancing services make. Even small tweaks to your natural beauty can create jaw-dropping effects.

Hassle-Free Beauty with Low-Maintenance Lash Tints

Wish you could have glamorous, runway-worthy lashes every day without layers of mascara or fussy false eyelashes? Our long-lasting lash tints deliver bold, beautiful eyes without the daily effort.

With an expert enhancement from our med spa’s estheticians, you’ll awaken with lush, darkened lashes already perfectly primped. A quick comb through with a lash brush and you’re ready to take on your day with eye-catching confidence.

Our clients love ditching clumpy mascaras yet still achieving striking eyes. The tinting eliminates tedious makeup application so you rediscover 10 extra minutes every morning. You’ll wonder how you ever functioned without your low-maintenance lash lifts!

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We Offer Lash Tinting Services for Clients of All Ages

Eyelash tinting is suitable for most healthy adults regardless of age. We cater to clients from their 20s up to their late 70s who want to define eyes and combat signs of aging around the eyes.

The vegetable-based dyes we use are gentle enough for those with sensitivities. We take special care of clients who wear contacts or have medical conditions like thyroid imbalance or ocular rosacea. Every client enjoys safe, customized enhancement with our Carrington-trained professionals.

Both our female and male clients love the polished yet natural effects of lash tinting before special events like:

  • Weddings 
  • Family portraits
  • Milestone birthdays
  • Vacations
  • Reunions
  • Professional photography

Our Lash Pros Customize Every Tinting Service

At Slimming Solutions Med Spa, lash tinting is never a one-size-fits-all service. Our expert estheticians take pride in truly tailoring the experience to enhance each client’s unique gifts. From the precise shade selection to the specialized application techniques, enjoy a service designed just for you.

We Hand-Blend Semi-Permanent Lash Tints

No two clients have the exact same natural lash tone, eye color, or makeup routine. That’s why our Pros mix custom blends for each tinting service. We expertly combine cool, warm, and neutral dye pigments until the perfect shade emerges – one that complements your coloring while still looking natural.

Whether you desire a subtle accent or more dramatic effects, your esthetician will concoct your ideal specialty blend. We keep your skin tone, hair color, and beauty goals in mind as we play with tones on our professional tinting palette.  

Define Eyes by Lifting and Separating Lashes

In addition to depositing color, our lash tint technique also lifts, separates and defines. Using precision application tools, we ensure every lash gets evenly coated then brushed upwards as the tint develops.

The results are striking – not only darkened color but fanned out, eye-opening elevations. The effects help eyes appear larger and brighter for awe-inspiring impact. No one believes our clients have tinted natural lashes rather than false extensions or perms.  

Precise Application for Vibrant, Long-Lasting Color

A key technique our lash experts have mastered is precision application. We use professional brushes, combs, and tools developed specially for tinting stubborn lash hairs. With meticulous technique, we achieve complete saturation from base to tips for intense color that truly lasts 4-6 weeks.

Our attention to detail ensures a tidy process too. We carefully apply the tint to avoid any dripping or migration onto the skin. Our hard-earned skill allows us to work quickly while maintaining neatness for stunning outcomes. 

A Soothing Tinting Process that Replenishes Skin

In addition to enhancing your gorgeous gaze, our professional tinting process also replenishes the delicate eye area skin. Exposure to sunlight, makeup removal and squinting gradually degrade this tissue over time.

Thanks to the natural botanicals in our dye formulas, the tinting process actually renews this area. Nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe, olive oil and honey hydrate and smooth this often-forgotten zone while also coloring lashes.

Clients tell us their fine lines seem softened and dark circles diminish after our renewing lash tinting services.

Eyelash Tinting FAQs Answered

We understand you likely have lots questions about our professional eyelash enhancing services. Here we answer some of the most commonly asked tinting FAQs:

How long do your Eyelash tints last?

With our precision tinting techniques, results last 4-6 weeks on most clients. As the color gradually softens, monthly touch-ups easily maintain fabulous lashes indefinitely.  

Is lash tinting safe?

Our vegetable-derived lash dyes are non-toxic and safe when performed correctly. We use extreme care and conduct patch tests ahead to ensure tolerant skin. Our Thrilling Lashes brand meets EU safety standards for gentle ingredients.   

Can you tint eyelashes with extensions?

No, tinting will not properly absorb into synthetic fibers. But after extensions are removed, we can refresh your natural lashes with color. The tinting actually helps lashes recover their strength after extension wear.

Will lash tinting work on Asian lashes?

Our lash experts are highly experienced with enhancing Asian eye shapes. We know how to lift and define almond eyes beautifully. We also specialize in shades that complement those with darker natural tones.  

I’m pregnant – can I still get lash tints?

Yes, our veggie-based dyes are safe for moms-to-be. We take extra care around those with pregnancy hormones or sensitive skin. Many clients keep their tinting appointments through their full 40 weeks and beyond.

Love Your Gorgeous Gaze

Refresh your eye-enhancing lash tints with us every 4-6 weeks. Contact Slimming Solutions Med Spa at (816) 524-3438 or info@slimmingsolutionsspa.com to book appointments with our skilled Pros. Your eyes will sparkle with standout beauty.

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