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As you age, you may notice your skin around your face and neck becoming loose and saggy. Even if you take fantastic care of your health and protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays, skin laxity is inevitable as your body produces less collagen. Fortunately, there are several options available at Slimming Solutions to reduce your skin laxity and have you feeling and looking younger.

What is Skin Laxity?

No matter how hard you try, you can’t keep skin from becoming loose. Aside from aging, skin laxity occurs from both intrinsic and extrinsic factors including diet, lifestyle, exposure to harsh UV rays, stress, smoking, and yes, genetics.

Both collagen and elastin are two vital components to the elasticity and bounce that skin has earlier in life. Since collagen is the main structural protein in the skin, it may be necessary to replace the collagen. Luckily, Slimming Solutions, located in Lee’s Summit, offers a variety of non-invasive treatments to help stimulate both collagen and elastin production and get your skin looking fresh. 

What Treatment Options are Available for Lax Skin?

If you are concerned about sagging or skin, you have a handful of options.

    • FotoFacial RF: This treatment option is a non-invasive procedure in which the patient has intense pulsed lights and radiofrequency technology applied to their skin in our safe medspa environment. This diminished imperfections by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. This results in a smoothening of fine lines. An added bonus of the FotoFacial RF that we offer at Slimming Solutions is that it also reduces redness, texture irregularities, and other skin imperfections.
    • Radio-Frequency Skin Tightening: This is similar to FofoFacial RF. With a handheld device, the targeted skin is heated, resulting in a tightening effect on the skin.
    • Laser Skin Resurfacing: This treatment removes individual skin layers. As the old skin sluffs away, the skin below results in a tighter skin surface.
    • Non-Surgical Body Contouring: This works by targeting energy to warm up deeper layers of the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production. In some instances, you may also choose to heat fibrous tissues to help smooth cellulite as well, which can smooth your skin further.
    • Microneedling with Exosomes: Using exosomes in microneedling helps the skin become brighter and more hydrated, and can help tighten your skin as part of a full skin rejuvenation process.

With our experienced team, you can relax, and let our team create results that you are 100% satisfied with.

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What Results Will I See?

Ultimately, the goal of any of the abovementioned treatments that our expert staff provide you is to regenerate collagen and elastin production in your skin. The overall tone and texture of your skin will improve, and you can expect to see a brighter and refreshed tone to your skin when you look in the mirror. Some of the benefits of these treatments include the following:

  • A younger appearance
  • Rejuvenated and refreshed skin
  • An overall reduction in skin laxity and tightening of saggy skin

Our motivated and well-trained staff specialize in skin tightening and will make sure that you are happy with your skin tightening treatments. 

Depending on your procedure, you may notice results immediately, while some of the treatments may require several sessions for you to begin noticing a significant difference as your body begins to respond and create its own collagen and elastin. 

Is There Any Downtime? 

Each of these treatments will result in slightly different downtimes. FotoFacial RF, non-surgical body contouring and RF skin tightening may result in some redness for about a day, but you can return to normal life right away. They are commonly referred to as  “lunch break” treatments.  

Laser skin resurfacing does have a slight downtime; while you can return to normal work, you will notice peeling for up to three weeks. During this time, avoid any time outside for the best results for reduced skin laxity.

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*Individual Results May Vary

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