Swedish Massage Services

At Slimming Solutions Med Spa, we believe physical, mental and emotional well-being goes hand-in-hand. That’s why our skilled massage therapists provide customized Swedish massage designed to relax the body and calm the mind. When you walk through our spa doors, leave the cares of the world behind. Breathe deeply as our expert hands promote circulation, ease muscle tension and guide you into a peaceful state of balance and harmony.

What Sets Our Swedish Massage Apart

We Offer a Truly Personalized Experience: No two bodies or sets of needs are exactly alike. Your massage therapist will consult with you one-on-one before each session to understand your health history, problem areas and desired pressure. We’ll cater the massage precisely to you each time.   Our Massage Therapists Have Extensive Training: Our therapists complete a rigorous 500-hour minimum massage training program to ensure they have exemplary technique and specialized expertise in modalities like Swedish massage. We invest heavily in continual education as well so that our team stays on the cutting edge. We Believe Self-Care Promotes Whole Health: Massage offers a multitude of physical and mental health benefits. Our soothing Swedish massage promotes circulation, flushes lactic acid from muscles, boosts immunity and triggers the release of endorphins for an overall sense of well-being. When you feel your best on the inside, it radiates outward.

Our Swedish Massage Services

Relaxation/Wellness Massage This lighter-pressure massage helps you decompress and sets the stage for the many wellness benefits of massage. You’ll melt into the table as your therapist uses smooth, flowing strokes to promote circulation to muscles, skin and connective tissues. Therapeutic Massage Ideal for targeting chronic muscle tension, soreness and general aches and pains that just won’t quit. Your therapist will customize pressure and technique to address your unique trouble spots. Combined with stretch recommendations, you’ll stand taller and move more freely. Prenatal Massage Gentle massage techniques aimed at alleviating common pregnancy discomforts from headaches to back pain and swelling. Aim for better sleep, improved mobility and reduced stress for you and baby! Note: Not recommended in the first trimester or for high-risk pregnancies. Hot Stone Massage The ultimate relaxation experience! Heated stones are incorporated into traditional massage techniques. The warmth penetrates tight muscles, allowing your therapist to manipulate deeper layers with ease. Couples Massage Everything’s better when shared! Our couples massage allows you to experience our soothing Swedish massage techniques in the same room as your loved one. A wonderful way to get closer, decompress and inspire one another to prioritize self-care.

Our Other Soothing Massage Offerings

At Slimming Solutions Med Spa, we utilize multiple massage modalities beyond traditional Swedish massage to target different wellness goals. Swedish makes up the soothing, gliding foundation of many sessions, while these specialty techniques offer their own unique benefits. Deep Tissue Massage Perfect for athletes, workout warriors and those undergoing physical therapy or rehabilitation. Our therapists apply targeted pressure to reach deep layers of muscle and connective tissue. Breaks up knotty spots and scar tissue to restore mobility and flexibility lost to injury or strain. Trigger Point Therapy Hyperfocused work to deactivate “trigger points,” tiny tense knots that form in muscle fiber and can wreak widespread pain. Helps address chronic issues like TMJ dysfunction, plantar fasciitis or nagging back and neck tightness. Myofascial Release Gentle compression and elongation techniques designed to loosen fascia, the thick connective tissue encasing muscles. Restores motion to stuck body parts by releasing bonds in this web-like sheath. Especially helpful for freeing up hips, thighs and shoulders. Thai-Yoga Massage Lie back and let us do all the work! This massage marries stretching, compression therapy and breath guidance. Boost joint mobility and extend range of motion while building mind-body awareness. Done on the floor while wearing loose clothing. Sports Massage Not just for professional athletes! Prep muscles to perform at their peak with stimulating strokes and compression. Flush out metabolic waste post-workout to minimize next-day soreness. Maintain flexibility; prevent future strains or injury.

Target the Areas that Trouble You Most

Where does your body hold stress? Our massage therapists will focus extra attention there so you achieve maximum tension relief. Common areas include:
  • Neck – Remedy “tech neck,” headaches and upper back tightness. 
  • Shoulders – Alleviate chronic soreness from poor posture, typing and bag-toting.
  • Lower Back – Ease muscle spasms and discomfort with targeted pressure.
  • Hands and Feet – Lighten your step with foot relief; restore fine-motor movements of fingers/wrists.  
  • Head/Scalp Massage – Reward your brain with soothing scalp work to reduce mental stress.

The Wellness Benefits Are Far-Reaching

A relaxing, therapeutic massage affects more than just sore muscles. The positive impacts infiltrate all aspects of health:
  • Physical Benefits
  • Improves circulation 
  • Flares up the lymphatic system to eliminate built-up toxins
  • Reduces muscle soreness and tension  
  • Increases joint flexibility and range of motion  
  • Enhances athletic performance and workout recovery time
  • Boosts immune function

Mental/Emotional Perks

  • Uplifts mood through serotonin and dopamine release
  • Induces deeper, more restorative sleep 
  • Decreases stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression
  • Sharpens mental clarity and focus
  • Inspires creativity through calmness

The Slimming Solutions Med Spa Difference

At Slimming Solutions Med Spa, your comfort, care and results mean everything. You’ll notice the difference in these key ways: Our Ambiance is Designed for Complete Relaxation: From our soft lighting to tranquil music and heated tables, every detail aims to soothe the senses so you can fully surrender into relaxation. We go Above and Beyond with Customer Service: Massage should never feel rushed. We allow ample time for full-body work and never cut corners. If something isn’t to your liking, just say so! Your feedback helps us improve continually. Our Location is Convenient: Skip the long drive into downtown Kansas City. Our Lee’s Summit location off 291 Highway means relaxation is only minutes away! We offer evening and weekend appointments to fit your busy schedule. We Offer Membership Savings: Love getting monthly massages? Our membership plans help you save up to 25% on our therapeutic services. The more you visit, the more you save. Now that’s an investment in yourself we can get behind!

Ready to Treat Your Body and Mind?

Visit our spa in Lee’s Summit near 291 Highway and NE Ralph Powell Road to experience Swedish massage perfection for yourself. Our knowledgeable staff loves educating new clients on all of the ways therapeutic massage facilitates whole-body wellness. Book your customized Swedish massage session online in just minutes. Space fills up fast, so claim your spot in relaxation paradise today! We can’t wait to help you feel balanced, tension-free and restored from head to toe.

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The first step is to schedule an in-person consultation with one of our highly trained providers at Slimming Solutions Spa located in Lee Summit, MO, serving the surrounding Kansas City areas. Simply fill out the form on this page and we will reach out to you promptly to schedule your appointment. Your journey to a healthier, happier you can start today.

Our Reviews
Kelly Garcia
Kelly Garcia
Kennedy, Joi, and David are the best. I really love the vitamin shots. They’ve helped me reach my fitness goals. Thank you!!!
Michele Barnes
Michele Barnes
Joy, David and Kennedy are very helpful and informative with products and services especially when you have no clue where to start. I highly recommend them!
R Pol
R Pol
Joi is amazing! Very personable and focused on natural beauty. I had a nightmare previous experience and scarring from what was supposed to be a minimal procedure. I’m relieved to have found Joi and trust her plan for correction! Thanks so much Joi! Entire staff is amazing!
Christy Barelli
Christy Barelli
Joi and her staff are wonderful! I have been coming here for years with excellent results. Highly recommend !
Dawnetta Dugan
Dawnetta Dugan
Effective weight loss program. Friendly staff.
Kayli Powers
Kayli Powers
Joi and David are always amazing!
michelle keck
michelle keck
Been doing weight loss shots and all is good so far.
Racquel Flora
Racquel Flora
Joi and David are an absolute delight! They are very knowledgeable and helpful. You can reach out to them anytime! You’re not treated like a client at a big med spa but more like family. My brown age spots have almost diminished and my face never looked better!
Augusta Weber
Augusta Weber
Very friendly and professional and got me started on a weight loss journey that had been great


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