How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

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Prepare for Laser Hair Removal, Kansas City

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Shaving daily can be such a time-consuming process. But how else can you get rid of unwanted hair apart from shaving and waxing? 

Slimming Solutions Med Spa in Lee’s Summit, MO, offers laser hair removal to help you get rid of unwanted hair without pain and discomfort. It is a safe and effective hair removal procedure, but how can you prepare for laser hair removal?

How does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal works by targeting heat-sensitive areas with different wavelengths. As the wavelength targets hair follicles in your skin, they absorb energy and overheat, which causes them to overheat and eventually fall out.

How Can I Prepare for Laser Hair Removal?

One of the most popular ways to get rid of unwanted body hair is by using laser therapy. However,  you should keep in mind specific guidelines to follow before and after your treatment for the best results. 

You can prepare for laser hair removal by: 

  • Staying out of direct sunlight
  • Avoiding blood thinners
  • Shaving 24 hours before your laser hair removal
  • Avoiding tanning 
  • Not bleaching your hair
  • Avoiding waxing or plucking your hair before your laser hair removal

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Procedure Take?

Laser hair removal treatments on the face are painless and take less than a minute, while it can take up to 30 minutes for the laser to effectively remove unwanted hair in other parts of the body.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has several benefits. Some of its benefits are:

  • It is a quick procedure that can be done during your lunch break
  • Laser hair removal is a long-lasting solution to unwanted hair growth
  • The procedure is safe and effective
  • Laser hair removal is a painless procedure

Am I a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is an excellent option for anyone struggling with unwanted body hair. Patients who have dark, coarse hairs on their bodies can experience the best results from this procedure.

Take the Next Step

Want to learn more about laser hair removal? Schedule a consultation with Slimming Solutions Med Spa, located in Lee’s Summit, MO. 

Slimming Solutions Med Spa is a full-service medical spa equipped with a Master Injector, RN/esthetician who is extremely well-versed in HRT and trained in natural hormone therapies.

Call us at (816) 524-3438 or schedule an appointment online.

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