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Why you should avoid Fast Food!


I know it’s difficult to eat 100% healthy all the time and no one has time to cook everyday  but i’m about to take a minute to tell you why you should avoid fast food at all costs!


Fast food is nothing but a concoction of harmful and health damaging chemicals which can easily be understood if you were to think for a moment how many restaurants could offer a double cheeseburger for only $1. I wont go deep into detail what all has been found in McDonald’s cheeseburgers or nuggets but lets just say… EWWWW!
Being raised ic39e704173abac07ccb7037217cc4168n this era of poor health makes it hard to know what is truly healthy and unhealthy. Not all fast food can be classified as processed, much of the menu items come prepared from a factory type location and only require brief reheating. Due to the nature of the environment especially during peak business hours, the employees responsible for food preparation maybe working at warp speed as well as being expected to multi-task. Multi-task? Yep, some locations the person who handles the cash register will also come into contact with various food items. Since they are in a hurry they may neglect to wash their hands or put gloves on. Although this is against most restaurants policies!



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