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Understanding Organic Labels.


Are you going green or thinking about making that transition? Have you ever look at an “organic” label. It get kinda confusing so we are here to break it down!

When buying organic, look for the following regulated terms on food labels:

Food labeled “100% Organic” has no synthetic ingredients and it can legally use the USDA organic seal!

Food labeled “Organic” has a minimum of 95% organic ingredients. It is eligible to use the USDA organic seal as well. 

Food labeled “Made with Organic ingredients” must contain at least 70% organic ingredients. It is not able to us the USDA seal.

Meat, eggs, poultry, and dairy labeled “organic” must come from animals that have never received antibiotics or growth hormones.

There is little research on the health outcomes of people who eat primarily organic diets. If you’re looking to pick and choose with organic food keep in mind fruits with peels and skin you don’t eat tend to have the least amount of pesticides, as you are removing the part with the residue. 



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