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Tattoo Removal!


Has that tattoo you got when you were 18 (in your rebel stage) gotten to the point where it’s not looking too sexy anymore?? How about a tattoo you’ve been covering EVERYDAY for work? What a pain! By now you know there’s always the choice to get it removed.. but how many does it take? How much money is this going to cost? Is it going to scar? Join me for a few minutes and we’ll go through all your questions!

So lets break this down.. Tattoo removal is quite simple. We use a topical numbing cream (and maybe ice if it’s still uncomfortable for you), after your numb we use a laser to break down the ink in your skin.. Sounds scary?? NO! It literally takes a few minutes for a small tattoo!

How many treatments? Honestly that ones a hard one to narrow down. Depends on the size, color and ink used in the tattoo. Protocol says at least 6 treatments.. Might take a few more or a few less! 

How much MONEY we talking?? It does take a few treatments luckily for you we offer a package of buy 4 treatments get 2 FREE! You’re welcome :) Small to medium tattoo’s range from $99-$200 per treatment, large tattoo’s we would have to quote from a picture or consult. 

Scarring? NOPE! As long as you take care of your tattoo afterwards (using aquaphor, neosporin or vaseline) your good! If you do end up not taking care of it like you were suppose too (OPPS) we can fix that too with Microneedling!

How soon can you get treatments done? Every 5-6 weeks is the SOONEST you can get treatments done! Doesn’t hurt to wait longer though!

If you have any other question feel free to hit us up by email, phone or Facebook! 



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