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Proof Your Mentally Exhausting Job Destroys Your Workout

Try as you might to be a cool, calm, and collected #bosslady, that stress coming from your 9-to-5 finds a way to creep into your off-duty life, from your relationships to your workout. You probably feel the effects of a tough day at work the second you hop on the treadmill, and new research validates these feelings. A study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise shows athletic performance suffers when you’re feeling mentally drained.

The researchers came to this conclusion after examining the results of two studies. For each, football players were asked to complete a set of physical tasks after a 30-minute computer test or after spending 30 minutes reading a magazine. The first study measured how far the participants could run, and the second study tested their shooting and passing abilities.

In both studies, the athletes’ performances took a hit when they were mentally exhausted from the computer test. The people in the first study didn’t run nearly as far and reported that running felt harder (even though their heart rates didn’t change). Players for the second study made more passing mistakes and their shot speed and accuracy decreased compared to when they completed the tasks after relaxing.

The study focused on football players, but the bottom line applies to the rest of us, too: The more mentally fatigued you are, the more your workout performance suffers. So, rather than heading straight to the gym after a call from a demanding client, it could be beneficial to destress first. Try snacking on one of these seven stress-busting snacks or trying this five-minute breathing exercise. But don’t skip the gym entirely: Exercise is one of the best ways to boost your mood.

article provided by fitnessmagazine.com


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