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Eat Right!


Before you eat, think about what goes on your plate or in your bowl. Foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy products and lean protein foods contain the nutrients you need without too many calories.

MAKE HALF YOUR PLATE FRUITS AND VEGGIES! Eat a variety of veggies, especially dark-green, red and orange vegetables, plus beans and peas. Fresh, frozen and canned veggies all count. Choose “reduced sodium” or “no-salt added” canned veggies. Add fruit to meals and snacks. Buy fruits that are dried, frozen or canned in water or 100% juice, as well as fresh!

MAKE AT LEAST HALF YOUR GRAIN WHOLE. Choose 100% whole-grain breads, cereals, pasta and brown rice. 

SWITCH TO FAT-FREE OR LOW-FAT MILK. Fat-free and low- fat milk have the same amount of calcium and other essential nutrients as whole milk. but less fat and calories. If you are lactose intolerant, try lactose-free milk or calcium-fortified soy beverage.

VARY YOUR PROTEIN CHOICES! Eat a variety of foods from the protein food group each week, such as seafood, nuts and beans, as well as lean meat, poultry and eggs. Keep meat and poultry portions small and lean.

CUT BACK ON SODIUM & EMPTY CALORIES FROM SOLID FATS AND ADDED SUGARS. Drink water instead of sugary drinks. Select fruit for dessert. Choose 100% fruit juice instead of fruit-flavored drinks. Look out for salt in food you buy. Compare sodium in foods and choose those with lower numbers. Adding spices or herbs to season food without adding salt. Switch from solid fats to oils when preparing food! 


About The Practice

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