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Counterfeit Medicine…


A year-long ABC News “20/20” investigation uncovered numerous operations involving the sale of dangerous counterfeit prescription drugs, many of which were sold under the guise of being authentic medication shipped in from Canada, or sold openly on the streets, Flea Markets, or retail stores in Los Angeles.

One apartment agents raided contained boxes of illegal and counterfeit medicine – Amoxicillin, vitamin shots for b12 deficiency and Ampicilin for ear infections. Investigations said these drugs can fetch thousands of dollars in sales on a good week.

In another raid, investigator Brian Wong with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, who is also a trained pharmacist, helped uncover counterfeit prescription drugs being sold at a flea market. There, fake drugs that are meant to be kept refrigerated are being sold in the heat of the day.

Authorities say customers are drawn to these unlicensed sellers because much of the medicine is cheaper than if they had it filled at their local pharmacy. But counterfeit drugs can be dangerous because the pills/injections aren’t using the correct chemical compounds, or substituting in unsafe substances.

A popular way many customers get cheaper prescription drugs is to try to order them online from Canada. There are numerous small storefronts across the country with names like Canada Drugs or Canada Direct, advertising inexpensive drugs, but there are questions over whether the medicines being sold are pure, or even from Canada.



Article provided by ABCnews.com


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