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Bird Poop Facial… WHAT?


Pigeon Poo Facial (Japan) Japanese geishas, known for their alabaster complexion, have long employed this urban scourge to remove heavy makeup while softening, nourishing, brightening, and smoothing their skin. The key elements of this secret beauty source are nitrogen-rich urea, natural enzymes, and the amino acid guanine, which experts claim brightens and heals the skin. (Guanine has also been said to give fish scales their
iridescence.) Nightingale droppings are harvested on specialist farms in Japan before they’re sanitized via ultraviolet light, milled to a fine powder, and mixed with rice bran. Widely nicknamed the “Geisha Facial” and now readily available in the west, its traditional name is Uguisu. The powder, which can also be bought online, is called “Uguiso no fun,” which we daresay sums up the concept pretty well.

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