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7 Healthy Dinners to Kick Off the New Year


OK, so you didn’t hold back over the holidays. You went for the second piece of pie, tried every dish on the table and imbibed in a bit more egg nog than expected. Rather than rehash your end-of-year indulgences, let’s focus on a fresh start in January. While it’s easy to say you’re going to eat healthy from now on until the end of eternity, it’s harder to actually pull off. Here’s an idea: Commit to cooking just seven healthy dinners in a row just for the first week of the year, and see how it goes. Our guess is that by the end of the week you’ll be feeling good and back in the swing of eating well. To kick things off, here are seven dinner recipes to plan for. Oh, and happy new year.

1: Salmon, Avocado, Watercress, and Pumpkin Seed Salad:

This entrée salad created by Nigella Lawson is packed with nutrient-dense foods like salmon, avocado, pumpkin seeds, and watercress. You can cook the salmon any way you like ahead of time, then toss it cold or room temperature with the rest of the ingredients and the dressing for a one-dish dinner. Recipe

2: Sizzling Moroccan Shrimp, Fluffy Couscous, and Rainbow Salsa:

Taken from Jamie Oliver’s newest cookbook, Everyday Super Food, the recipe sears beautiful shell-on jumbo shrimp that have been marinated rosemary, garlic, smoked paprika, and saffron, then serves them over a whole wheat couscous and whatever colorful vegetables you have on hand. The whole thing is then garnished with a dollop of yogurt, mint leaves, and pomegranate seeds. Recipe

3: Healthy Pork Carnitas With Pineapple Salsa:

The trick to turning these usually fat-laden carnitas tacos into a healthy dish is cooking the pork in a slow cooker, which uses very little oil while infusing the meat with intense flavors of cumin and chipotle. Use corn tortillas, which are lighter and lower-calorie than flour, then top it all off with this bright, citrusy pineapple salsa. Recipe

4: Scallops With Hazelnuts and Warm Sun Gold Tomatoes:

Even those of us who make a lot of seafood at home tend to skip over scallops … but that stops this year. Learn to love the making the meaty shellfish with this simple entree that packs a flavorful punch by adding tarragon, hazelnuts, and tomatoes for a quick and healthy weeknight meal. Recipe

5: Thai-Style Lettuce Cups:

The fun of tacos without the carbs! You’ve probably seen these babies on plenty of restaurant menus, but the at-home version is super easy and usually healthier than the ones you order out. Use whatever ground meat you like – turkey is probably the leanest, though the folks at Lucky Peach who created the recipe love pork with it, too. Recipe

6: Weeknight Miso Soup:

If you think of miso soup as a boring broth with a few scant pieces of seaweed and tofu bobbing around, you’ll surely change your mind after you make this heartier version made with meaty mushrooms and fresh ginger, and topped with a delicate poached egg. Recipe

7: Gluten-Free Southern Buttermilk Fried Chicken:

Wait, fried chicken makes the list? Yes. Have we run out of healthy recipes? No. The chicken is dredged in tapioca starch and rice flour, so those who are gluten-free can indulge, and while it is technically fried it’s not deep fried, and is instead done in a smaller amount of oil on the stovetop. Just don’t serve it with mashed potatoes and biscuits and the week will have been a total success. Recipe

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