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6 Natural Ways to Relieve Stress Instantly!


Epsom Salts: “Many people an improvement in their stress symptoms, from general irritability to sleeplessness, once they increase their magnesium levels,” Dr. Bhatia says. And the solution for it is simple: “The easiest way to increase it is through a relaxing Epsom salt bath. I recommend Dr Teal’s Lavender Epsom Salt Soaking Solution.”

Yoga: Yoga is a moving meditation. “Having to focus on your breath and your thoughts and your pose makes you leave the world behind while reconnecting with your body.”

Warm Milk Before Bed: The tryptophan in warm milk helps you to relax, as it calms the nervous system.

A DIY Coconut Oil Scalp Treatment: Try this relaxation recipe the next time you travel: Warm coconut oil with magnesium oil, massage into your scalp and place a shower cap over top at bedtime. “Warming coconut oil into the scalp is an old Ayurvedic tradition that relaxes the scalp and improves blood flow to the scalp, which is often diverted in stress,” Dr. Bhatia says. “By adding magnesium oil, the added benefit of magnesium’s relaxation on muscles is a true stress relief treat.”

Lavender Oil: You most likely know the stressing-busting benefits behind lavender oil—and for good reason, it works. “Use a lavender oil spray for pillow tops and temples. Lavender is a known nervine, as it works through aromatherapy to relax the brain’s stress centers. It has been used to help with sleep regulation as well.”

Cut Back on the Caffeine: If you have a regular coffee rotation, this one can be tough, but can really help, particularly in times on increased anxiety. “Caffeine will increase your heart rate, respiratory rate and interrupt your sleep, especially if you are caffeine sensitive,” Dr. Bhatia says. “Cut back to help manage your anxiety and decrease high anxiety symptoms like heart racing, nervousness or sweaty palms.”

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