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5 Moves To Help Prevent Knee Pain

Knee pain is one of the most common complaints among gym-goers, and it’s no wonder—between weight-bearing exercises and high-impact workouts like running, they take a beating for us. Knee issues aren’t an inevitable fate, though—by incorporating some strategic exercises into your routine, you can ward off aching knees and keep crushing your workouts, pain-free.

To help prevent achy knees, Solomon recommends starting with a proper warm-up. (Here’s an example of a perfect five-minute warm-up.) “Work on activating your core musculature prior to performing your workout,” says Solomon. Then, incorporate the following exercises into your routine. “The most important thing to remember is quality over quantity,” Solomon notes. Suggested reps are below, but only do as many as you can to maintain proper form, she says, and increase as needed. Of course, always check in with your doctor for personal recommendations, and stop if you feel any sharp pains.

1. Wall Sits — do 10 times
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
Bend your knees and lower your body towards the floor, keeping the weight in your heels and not allowing your knees to pass your second toe.
Hold for about three seconds. Keeping your core activated and chest lifted, stand back up.
That’s one rep. Repeat 10 times, and do three sets four times a week.
2. Plank — hold for 30 seconds
Lying on the ground, push up into a forearm plank. Your elbows should be stacked underneath your shoulders.
Keep your shoulder blades away from your ears and your core tight, and hold for 30 seconds.
Repeat three times, and do once a day.
3. Monster Walk — take 30 steps
Loop a circular resistance band around both ankles.
Walk forward, keeping your feet spread apart and your knees bent in a squat position.
Take 30 steps, and do four times a week. See what this move looks like here.
4. Dead Bug — do 10 times
Lie on your back with your feet in the air and knees bent 90 degrees. Raise your arms in the air so that your hands are directly above your shoulders.
Slowly extend your right leg in front of you and your left arm above your head, keeping your lower back pressed against the floor.
Return to the starting position. Repeat on the other side. See what this move looks like here.
That’s one rep. Do 10 times, and do three sets four times a week.
5. Lateral Step Down — do 10 times
Start with both feet on top of a step or box.
Slowly lower your right leg down off the side and touch your heel to the floor.
Return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg.
That’s one rep. Do 10 times, and do two sets four times a week.

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