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Weathered and Wrinkled is not the same as Wise

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Getting older and wiser is a fabulous luxury that we should never take for granted…That does not mean we need to let the world know just how clearly old and possibly wise we may be. So while older and wiser is the daily goal youth and vitality are the things our wisdom and wrinkles long for. I am here to tell you  that it is possible to have our cake and eat it too treatment. In the world we live in today there are soooo many ways to preserve that youthful energy and look that nature takes in exchange for another day older and wiser. At Slimming Solutions Med Spa we take a whole body approach to anti-aging treatments and results are amazing.

Dysport - Before and After

Dysport – Before and After


About The Practice

Slimming Solutions Med Spa is a full service medical spa located in Lee’s Summit, MO, owned by a husband and wife. As soon as you walk in the door you are treated like family. We are a team of motivated, well trained individuals who are only happy with our work when you are 100% happy with your results…and we love our work!