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Holiday Stress & How to Deal!

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Every year we tell ourselves that were going to get a jump start on holiday shopping and planning… And every year we kick ourselves for not sticking to it! Holiday stress can really bring you down during such a joyous time so this year I’m going to let you in on some easy yet effective ways to get that green monster off your back and enjoy this beautiful time of year!

Take time for yourself and your family! Holidays usually means running around, going to parties and of course shopping. Set aside time for yourself, go get a pedicure, take a bath or start a book you’ve been meaning to read! As for your family weekly family meals are a must! I know family meals cut into tv time, make everyone sit down and share stories of their week!

Plan family outings! Weekends are usually filled with errands and planning next week meals. Take at least one weekend a month to do something as a family. Go play laser tag, cut down your Christmas tree, volunteer at a soup kitchen. Doesn’t matter just spend time together!

Keep things in perspective! Don’t plan too much, you know what you can and can’t handle so don’t overload yourself. Remember you can say NO! Its ok, people know holidays are fast pace and not everyone has time for every activity.

Relax! Chill out, it’s just the holidays no reason to freak out because the last toy is taken from Walmart. There’s always more! It’s not good for your body or your health to get worked up over something that can be easily resolved.

Energy! Energy is very important this time of year, especially with the time change it sets everyone’s internal clocks off! That’s why we have our Energy Shots full of B Vitamins, Vitamin C and Amino Acids to keep you going through the crazy days ahead!

Set your intention to enjoy the holidays as much as you can. By making the conscious decision to open yourself to true happiness, you’ll be more likely not to miss those uplifting moments.



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